Saturdays should be different.

This blog is inspired by Steve Klabnik's blog post "Keep Saturdays Sacred". It details a story about his college self, how he and a group of friends would gather at the university's computer lab every Saturday to write code. The fact that they wrote code is not the point. The point is that he and his friends found time to work on something that is not urgent, not glamorous, but deeply important to them.

This is what I believe most of us miss in our lives. Clogged by obligations and efforts of perceived importance we seldom free ourselves to indulge in our interests. Eccentricities that make us unique.

This blog is my attempt to remedy this problem. A collection of thoughts and projects I try to have on Saturdays. 

If you were wondering, I'm from South Korea, recently graduated from UPenn majoring Computer Science, and live out in SF. If you have ideas for an awesome Saturday project, email me!