Santo Domingo

I spent the entire winter break in Santo Domingo. During that time I didn't feel the need for Saturday projects, because everyday was essentially a Saturday. Regardless, I wanted to write a short post to sum up the varies things that happened in this gap of time.

I went to Santo Domingo because I wanted to get away from campus, but avoid the comfort and routine of home, in order to engage with myself. It offered the cheapest flight and living costs that I could afford. We (I persuaded a friend to join me) found housing via Airbnb. It had a good supermarket near by. Piggybacked on wifi from an office downstairs. It was all we needed. 

For the first week we did do some touristy stuff. Some photos.

Then I alternated between mind numbing consumption of entertainment to serious introspection and a lot in between. A list of things that I did in no particular order.

  • Watch 'Breaking Bad': I've heard such good things about this tv series, but I ended up not liking it too much. Stopped after season 2. 
  • Read books.
  • Started a book log.
  • Read comics: Don't know what it is called in English, but '진격의 거인' is good. 
  • Took a Udacity course on 'Programming a Robotic Car': Absolutely amazing. Sebastian Thurn is the perfect person to teach this topic. It was the first time I actually finished a Udacity course.
  • Read a six volume Korean fantsy/martial arts fiction non-stop for a whole day: Non-stop reading for pure entertainment should be a thing. The level of delusion you reach towards the end is quite unique.
  • Analyzed my spending for the last semester: Didn't know this but Bank of America lets you download a long period of spending in plain CSV. Analyzed my financials for the first time to figure out where the hell I spent all my summer earnings.
  • Figured out a diet to achieve a relatively healthy existence with minimal cooking: Boiled sweet potatoes, plain potatoes, and eggs; apples; tomatoes; oatmeal with granola; PB&J sandwich; canned tuna, crackers, and cheese; milk; greek yogurt; bananas. Everything is boiled in bulk or prepared on the spot. Survived on this combination for two weeks.
  • A lot of Skype calls and emails catching up with old friends. 
  • Most importantly, I tried to figure out what I want to do with my life.